AOS Emission Spectrometer
The Acousto-Optical Spectrometer 4 is a robust spectrometer that is excellently suited for optical investigations on plasma processing and for plasma process control in research and industry.

» The AOS 4 operates – opposed to the classical spectrometers (prism/gratings) – with tuneable acousto-optical filter (AOTF).

» This AOTF covers a spectral range from 250 nm to 800 nm with an excellent spectral
   resolution between 0.05 nm @ 250 nm and 0.5 nm @ 800 nm.

» A time resolution of 5 ms per spectral point is achieved.

» Plasma pulses can be measured optionally with a time resolution of 20 ns.

Light incoupling is obtained by an optical waveguide/fiber. The rugged 19’’ case allows operation in laboratory and industry applications. For plasma process control a control signal is calculated from the measured optical data and optionally is fed out to an analogue port.

The AOS is available with one measuring channel (AOS 4-1) or four measuring channels (AOS 4-4). For integration in existing plasma facilities as well as other optical adaptions further optical components and spectroscopy accessories are available.

The main application fields for our AOS spectrometer can be found in R&D such as the investigation of gas discharges, the development and control of plasma processes, the development and optimization of plasma sources as well as for the check and trouble shooting in plasma machines.

» Magnetron discharge DC/MF/HPPMS

» RF discharge cw or pulsed

» µWave discharge cw or pulsed

» Pulse laser ablation

» DC / MF discharge

» High pressure discharges and flames
Both, AOS 4-1 and AOS 4-4 are controlled by our IntelliSpec Software which has to be
operated at a separate PC or Notebook, with an USB interface.

IntelliSpec supports the following measurement modes:

» spectrum measurement incl. peak and library search

» chronogram measurement for process control of up to 16 wavelengths with formula
    editor for the real time data processing
» pulse measurement for process diagnostics of up to 16 wavelengths with a time
    resolution of 20ns to 10µs

» pulse spectrum (spectrum measurement in pulse mode with different pulse phases)

» pulse chronogram (chronogram measurement in pulse mode with different pulse phases)

» pulse time spectrum (pulse measurement for each wavelength in selected spectral range)
Specifications are subject to change without notice.